Halloween tunes, METRONOMICON, and other music/updates


I always try to put SOMETHING together for Halloween. This year, I collabed with my wife and worked on a cover of the TerrorVision themesong. It's a schlocky 80's horror flick with quite the retro soundtrack and a themesong by The Fibonaccis. You can hear the tune below and download for free on the Danse Macabre V album

Here are a few other Halloween songs I've contributed to in the past:

METRONOMICON (PC rhythm game)

I contributed a song to the game, METRONOMICON, for PC. It's a rhythm strategy game where you play notes in time with four characters to battle demons, cast spells, and ALL WITH GREAT DANCE-ABLE FERVOR. It's a blast - like playing Guitar Hero with four people at a time and with strategy. They incorporated my song "Fat Man in the Pool" from Zero Over Zero. It's an unlockable though - gotta work for it. ;) You can get METRONOMICON on Steam.

Cover of Big Black Delta's "Love You This Summer"

For my wife's birthday, I did a cover of "Love You This Summer" by one of our favorite bands, Big Black Delta. She introduced me to them, so it only made sense that I thank her for that in a way that I know. Love you Claire! You can listen below and download the mp3 below that.

Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3 (Sonic)

What started as a joke from SEGA has turned into an actual game. I'm contributing a song and additional guitar to the soundtrack for Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3. It's some SEGA ass SEGA music. Should be fun! Below is the first song put out from the soundtrack - spearheaded by JOGURT and featuring some of my guitar contributions.

More things are in the hopper - production and creative wise. More soon! If you have a need for music or production assistance, reach out. Let's talk.