Four new songs!

It feels good to get some of this stuff up. Links to all of these new songs can be found on my discography page. 1. I did a cover of Evil Dead: The Musical's "All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons" with Cheryl Norfair, Kirby, and Travis Morgan. HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN! You gotta hear this girl sing.


2. "Transylvania Sound Machine" is a super funky cover of "Picture of a Ghost Ship" from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. It appears on the Vampire Variations II album.


3. My brother and I did a cover of some old DOS racers from the 90s - Stunts, Indianapolis 500, and Test Drive III. "386 Cylinder" is for you old guys out there. ;) We did this as a part of Dwelling of Duels' 10th Anniversary month. Hurray!

links: Dwelling of Duels download - drum playthrough video

4. C-jeff just put out my favorite album this year, Big Steel Wheels. I played on a track called "Black Lock". Seriously, Album of the Year.


Thanks for listening! Some massively massive stuff in the works. More soon!

Duke Nukem 3D arrangement with Hyperduck - and the Retro Game Music Bundle!

Hi! First of all, The Retro Game Music Bundle ends on June 5! Go now!

OK, let's back up.

I had the pleasure of working on an arrangement with those crazy Irish kids at HyperDuck Soundworks. We went for the ULTIMATE GRABBAG REMIX from Duke Nukem 3D. For those who don't know, Grabbag is this. Everyone knows Grabbag. The track worked out great! I played drums and an overly wanky solo.

The remix is a part of the Retro Game Music bundle. For almost NO MONEY, you can some the soundtracks from classics such as Myst and Jazz Jackrabbit! Donate a bit more and you'll get a massive bundle of classic OSTs. Also included is a remix album of Duke Nukem 3D music from the likes of virt, Disasterpeace, Alexander Brandon, HyperDuck, Zircon, Strotchy, coda and more.

Our track also ended up on the official OST in the bundle, so we're pleased about that.

Side note: The TRON ALBUM IS DONE. More info on the release here shortly.

Favorite albums of 2012

Top 10 lists aren't as fun to read as they are to make. 2012 was a little more difficult. My machine is loaded with amazing music from 2012, but the shocking part is how much of it is from friends and acquaintances. You guys rung yourselves out this year. I feel blessed to know so many people that make better music than what is popular to the populous (also kinda sad). It was the best year for music in as long as I can remember, and I have this wack feeling that '13 will be even better.

So I do this every year for myself, but I have to share. Maybe there's something in here you guys don't know? I hope so!

1. David Maxim Micic | Bilo 2.0 2. Life and Times | No One Loves You Like I Do 3. Town Portal | Chronopoly 4. subPixel | The Wave 5. Disasterpeace | FEZ Soundtrack 6. Cory Johnson | The Legend of Zelda 7. C-jeff | Preschtale 8. Enslaved | Riitiir 9. Pajjama | Starch 10. Glass Cloud | The Royal Thousand

Honorable Martians: Cusses | Cusses Torche | Harmonicraft Fear of Dark | Motorway

Best discoveries that didn't drop in '12, but they did for ME: Chris Merritt | Songs from Brokeland (it was here, good luck finding it, or tag me. I guess he's broke. :( ) From Exile | Monolith

Two videos that blew brains out: Cusses - Worst Enemy Life and Times - Day One

3D Worldrunner, Mega Ran, and another epic collab

I've always wanted to hear a rockin' 3D Worldrunner cover, so I commissioned Amanda Lepre to do one as a part of Descendants of Erdrick's Kickstarter. It's Uematsu pre-Final Fantasy, but no one ever gives it much attention (XOC and TSS did). She ended up bringing me in to do the rhythm section, which is of course an honor! :) You can check it out on her bandcamp. I lent some guitar to Mega Ran's Language Arts Vol 3 - killer record. You can hear the track and full album here.

Finally, I just completed a song with the amazing Cory Johnson, who put out what is a contender for my favorite VGM album ever, Legend of Zelda. The collab will be on World 1-2's 10th anniversary compilation. You can check out the details and artist list here. Can't wait to release this one! It's one of my favs, and it's an arrangement I've always wanted to tackle.

Until next time!