Summer update 2016 - Google, Steven Universe, GOTTA GO FASTLY!


The last quarter was a busy one. Here is a pile of happenings on the creative and production side.

Google Doodle!!

I was pulled in by Aivi and Surasshu to offer guitar for the Rio Olympics Google Doodle. The original video is posted below with all of the sounds posted on Soundcloud.


I covered the entire Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack in six minutes (with guests) for Materia Collective's MOBIUS tribute album.


I'm still contributing to the Steven Universe soundtrack. Here are a few tunes where I show up.

Chiptunes=WIN: Volume 5

I mastered the new Volume 5 of Chiptunes=WIN. It was a daunting task, but it's by far my favorite collection so far from that team.

Age of Lazers

I mixed, mastered, and offered some bass on a killer new prog/chip album from Age of Lazers. Definitely give this one a shot if you like chips, guitars, and general insanity.

Open for production work

All kinds of new goodies are a brewin' over here - both personal and professional. If you have a need for music or production assistance, reach out! Let's talk.