Composer / Session Player / Engineer

Need music or audio for your project?
Need a guitar player or drummer?
Need someone to mix or master your album?

Below are some examples of my musicsession work, mixing, and mastering work. If you have any questions, please contact me.


I'm currently writing music for video games, short film, theme songs, and any other projects that call for creative contributions. I cover a number of genres. Here are a few style samples. You can click/tap in the boxes to skip forward.

The rare combination of a guitarist, composer, and a mixing engineer. Stemage is an exceptional musician who elevates our work with thoughtful design.”
— Mohammed Taher, Brave Wave Productions

themesongs / jingles

“Grant took my podcast to another level by providing an original, energetic intro that clearly sets the tone for each episode; his incredible talent is matched by his tenacity and professionalism.”
— Scott Clark, The Gaming Outsider

session musician

I provide session guitar work for jobs with strict guidelines as well as projects that seek creative input. I am currently the session guitarist / co-composer for the Steven Universe (Cartoon Network), Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), and Brave Wave Productions. The following is a quick cut of guitar contributions for a range of needs.

“Stemage is special. My songs were vitalized by his magical and colorful guitar.”
— Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl)

Need a band? I can take your song ideas and flesh them out into full songs. Jon Poulin provided me with guitar stems, and we worked together to turn it into a full album. Here are a few samples from his debut album, Terrible but Great, which features his song-writing and guitar, and I provided everything else:

I know my music is in good hands when Grant’s involved.
His attention to detail and high quality work is truly inspiring.”
— Jon Poulin


I've mixed and mastered a variety of genres over the years - from metal to orchestral to bluegrass.

Here are some snippets from recent mixing projects:

Additional links to mixed songs/albums: RetroActive Live @ MAGFEST, Jason Burns, Arc Impulse, Age of Lazers


Twinkles! A good mix is only the foundation. A smooth, radio-ready master makes all the difference. The following showcases some of the polish I've given to mixes - in before/after format.

Additional links to mastered songs/albums: Nemo (Avett Brothers)Kubbi, MasikusBlue Navi, ChipWIN Vol 6

A fantastic mastering engineer in terms of communication, effectiveness and reliability. Good ears, transparent sound, really makes my mixes shine on all sorts of speakers. Has the gift of understanding what the production needs as well as what the producer wants.”
— Kubbi

questions? contact me: