I am most known as the creator of Metroid Metal, but I am also the session guitarist / co-composer for the Emmy-nominated Steven Universe (Cartoon Network), Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), and the Brave Wave label. I have collaborated with Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), mixed and mastered a number of projects including an album for The Avett Brothers, and composed the soundtrack for Alpha Squad on Xbox Live. I also recently acted as producer and full backing band for Jon Poulin's debut album, Terrible but Great, and contributed to a Google Doodle.

Below are some examples of my musicsession work, mixing, mastering, and backing band contributions.

The rare combination of a guitarist, composer, and a mixing engineer. Stemage is an exceptional musician who elevates our work with thoughtful design.
— Mohammed Taher, Brave Wave Productions
“Stemage is special. My songs were vitalized by his magical and colorful guitar. 😄”
— Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl)

music / composer

I'm currently writing music for video games, short film, theme songs, and for any other projects that call for creative contributions.

A sampling of my compositions is right over there. →

They include outtakes, demos, works-in-progress, and final music from various video game projects.

session guitarist

I provide session guitar work for jobs with strict guidelines as well as projects that seek creative input. The following is a quick cut of guitar contributions for a range of needs.

The video showcases one full track from Steven Universe.


I've mixed a variety of genres over the years - from metal to orchestral to bluegrass. Here are some snippets.


Twinkles! A good mix is only the foundation. A smooth, radio-ready master makes all the difference. The following showcases some of the polish I've given to mixes - in before/after format.

themesongs, jingles, soundtracks

In the Xbox Live game, Alpha Squad, the developers envisioned a soundtrack influenced by KMFDM, Dream Theater, and various styles of metal.

let me be your band, man

Recently, I had the opportunity to act as producer and backup band for Jon Poulin's debut album, Terrible but Great. I played drums, bass, and supplemental guitar - in addition to mixing and mastering the album. Given only single guitar parts as an initial reference, I handled everything else. Examples of the results are below:

If you have songs but no band, or need songwriting assistance, please reach out. I am dedicated to helping songwriters realize their songs or albums. Let's make a record, man.