Duke Nukem 3D arrangement with Hyperduck - and the Retro Game Music Bundle!

Hi! First of all, The Retro Game Music Bundle ends on June 5! Go now! http://www.gamemusicbundle.com/

OK, let's back up.

I had the pleasure of working on an arrangement with those crazy Irish kids at HyperDuck Soundworks. We went for the ULTIMATE GRABBAG REMIX from Duke Nukem 3D. For those who don't know, Grabbag is this. Everyone knows Grabbag. The track worked out great! I played drums and an overly wanky solo.

The remix is a part of the Retro Game Music bundle. For almost NO MONEY, you can some the soundtracks from classics such as Myst and Jazz Jackrabbit! Donate a bit more and you'll get a massive bundle of classic OSTs. Also included is a remix album of Duke Nukem 3D music from the likes of virt, Disasterpeace, Alexander Brandon, HyperDuck, Zircon, Strotchy, coda and more.

Our track also ended up on the official OST in the bundle, so we're pleased about that.

Side note: The TRON ALBUM IS DONE. More info on the release here shortly.