Favorite albums of 2012

Top 10 lists aren't as fun to read as they are to make. 2012 was a little more difficult. My machine is loaded with amazing music from 2012, but the shocking part is how much of it is from friends and acquaintances. You guys rung yourselves out this year. I feel blessed to know so many people that make better music than what is popular to the populous (also kinda sad). It was the best year for music in as long as I can remember, and I have this wack feeling that '13 will be even better.

So I do this every year for myself, but I have to share. Maybe there's something in here you guys don't know? I hope so!

1. David Maxim Micic | Bilo 2.0 2. Life and Times | No One Loves You Like I Do 3. Town Portal | Chronopoly 4. subPixel | The Wave 5. Disasterpeace | FEZ Soundtrack 6. Cory Johnson | The Legend of Zelda 7. C-jeff | Preschtale 8. Enslaved | Riitiir 9. Pajjama | Starch 10. Glass Cloud | The Royal Thousand

Honorable Martians: Cusses | Cusses Torche | Harmonicraft Fear of Dark | Motorway

Best discoveries that didn't drop in '12, but they did for ME: Chris Merritt | Songs from Brokeland (it was here, good luck finding it, or tag me. I guess he's broke. :( ) From Exile | Monolith

Two videos that blew brains out: Cusses - Worst Enemy Life and Times - Day One