3D Worldrunner, Mega Ran, and another epic collab

I've always wanted to hear a rockin' 3D Worldrunner cover, so I commissioned Amanda Lepre to do one as a part of Descendants of Erdrick's Kickstarter. It's Uematsu pre-Final Fantasy, but no one ever gives it much attention (XOC and TSS did). She ended up bringing me in to do the rhythm section, which is of course an honor! :) You can check it out on her bandcamp. I lent some guitar to Mega Ran's Language Arts Vol 3 - killer record. You can hear the track and full album here.

Finally, I just completed a song with the amazing Cory Johnson, who put out what is a contender for my favorite VGM album ever, Legend of Zelda. The collab will be on World 1-2's 10th anniversary compilation. You can check out the details and artist list here. Can't wait to release this one! It's one of my favs, and it's an arrangement I've always wanted to tackle.

Until next time!