Steven Universe ost release, Pinball of Fury, and some... EDM pop?

HOWDY! Here's the latest run of hot prodgies.

Prodgies means projects. I just made that up. You can borrow it if you want.

Steven Universe Soundtrack release!

Steven Universe if finally getting a Vol 1 release - pretty exciting stuff! I worked with Aivi and Surasshu to tighten up some classics, and the official release is on the way - slated for June 2, 2017. In the meantime, here's something a bit touching followed by some backwards, nasty, guitary, industrial, "bad guy" music.

Swords of Fury arrangement

One of my favorite pinball soundtracks is Swords of Fury. I took my hand at an arrangement and came out in first place for the Dwelling of Duels pinball month. Feels good man. You can listen to the list of entries here or stream the arrangement below.

Turn You Bad

I had the opportunity to do a vocal mix for a pop/EDM track. It was a fun experiment! I did the entire vocal mix and premaster. You can listen below:

Drumming the good fight

I did all the drums on Jon Poulin's latest album, With Vigor. If you're in need of drums, reach out. :) I enjoy it. 

Video Game soundtracks and other haps

Man, I wish I could post more music, but I can't. I also hate it when people say that, so apologies.

There's a pile coming - likely all at once. I'm working on 2-3 game soundtracks, just scored an animated short film for a SCAD project, and have other production projects in the hopper. I'm also trying to decide on what the next creative project is. I have ideas for both an arrangement EP and an original EP. Time to get moving!