New tunes, JAPAN, more tunes, and 2014 is freaking me out

I should update more often, eh? THINGS ARE HAPPENING. I have some new songs up. Here is the rundown. More details on the discography page.

I'm heading to Japan in March! I'll be out there for Bit Summit to hang with some super composers and Japanese indie game cats. I'm a little beside myself actually. It hasn't sunk in yet. On the upcoming IN FLUX album from Brave Wave, I have an original song that features Manami Matsumae (Mega Man composer) on piano. It turned out well. The album will be out next month. I was told the song sounds like "floating around in an angry ocean at dusk", so I titled it "Putting the Beacons to Bed". I'm working with Alexander Brandon on his new album, Just Fun. The Kickstarter is live now. Just Fun is a collab album with musicians he's worked with in the past. It is all original music and a heck of an album! Again, the Kickstarter is live now!

I've contributed a track to Big Giant Circles' remix project for his new album, Glory Days. I teamed up with the mighty Zantilla for this one. If you haven't heard his stuff, YOU MUST. Not sure when the track is hitting, but I'll post about it. I'M MASTERING THE NEW YEAR 200X ALBUM HOLY CRAP! Funny thing, I've actually been recording a lot of local bluegrass! It's fun! I've cut two albums for local groups, and I'm on my third right now. It's a lovely change of pace. This month is basically Metroid Metal month. Like... all month. o.O O.o

I probably missed something? I don't even know. There's other stuff too. Some things will likely hit even before the projects I listed above. 2014 looks to be big. It means the world to me that you guys would read this far on my little ancient blog thing. Thanks as always, and here's to moving the bar sideways instead of up.