Hey kids!

UGH the new website is almost done. It's a nice one. Until then, here's a healthy update and some things to chew on circa the 2001 design.

There's a Disney cover band on the scene y'all! Some VGM lovelies have put together a new band called Poor Unfortunate Souls. I mixed and mastered their first effort (Heroes!), and there's a second EP is in the works.

Over the last year, I've been playing guitar for Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. I have guitar on the Season 2 theme, and to date I've played on around a dozen episodesish. Here's a little taste of some of that. I'll get a full ep list together here soon.

I've been doing a lot of mixing and mastering for folks. It is fun helping people put out their creative projects with as much fidelity as possible. I'm enjoying it muchly. Here is a quick list of some of the songs and albums I've touched over the last few months:

Poor Unfortunate Souls - mixing/mastering
Kubbi - Ember - mastering
Cel-unes = WIN - mastering
Adam Henry - Tree Top Concerto - mixing/mastering
DKC Mix't Ape '94 - mastering
Calavera - Journeys - mastering

A few other things: played guitar for a few Keiji Yamagishi tracks on his new album, available here. I also collab'd with SoulEye (VVVVV) for a SF2/Metroid mashup theme on Destructoid.

I'm also about halfway done with my new EP (originals - a ZOZ followup). It's tentatively called Silver. Other stuff too. Music is happening as it tends to do.

TO CLOSE 'ER OUT, I helped a friend Jon Poulin put out his new EP as Little Chaos. It was an interesting project. I played drums/bass, a bit of guitar, and mixed/mastered the effort. It was my first time adding a full backbone and producing a full album of preexisting songs written on guitar. The album drops in just a few weeks, but here's a taste.

If you guys are in need of session playing, mixing, or mastering, hit me up! I'd love to help.

There's more, but yeah. New website coming or something?