Alpha Squad on XBL first week of Dec, 2010! Also, an Interview

Guess how much it is. $3! I can't believe it. The game has online co-op, and it's a measly $3. I'm loving this. Here is more info on the release in early November (with a few surprises before then) from The soundtrack for Alpha Squad will hit a few days after the game comes out for name-your-own-price. I'm hoping you'll all go experience the music in the game first. So yeah, the game is $3, and you name the price for the soundtrack after that. I'd say that's a steal.

Also, I did a little interview with Steve Flores, the head of Dragon Divide. I was lucky enough to share a pint with him at PAX 2010 to talk about the game, the soundtrack, and our other adventures. Prior to meeting him face to face, he had a few questions for me. You can check out the interview on