Music and Projects

NOTE: Here are posts that highlight ALL the music I released in the last 2 years:

Music in 2011Music in 2010.

Here are the latest projects that aren’t Metroid Metal related. I’ll try and keep this page updated with the latest goodies.

Marble Madness Album – June 2012 || 7 tracks – 7 special guests – available on cassette because I’m an analog chauvinist. :) ->Bandcamp<-

Yes Mayhem – HH2 - March 2012 || Chunkstyle (Metroid Metal) just released the second Yes Mayhem album today! I play guitar on it along with Kevin (MM) on drums, James Moats on vocals, and a pile of other guests. It’s a fantastic early spring treat – if you like music that is. Playing with these guys over the years has encouraged us all to expand as musicians, and I think this album is proof of that. Big thanks to Dan Taylor for continuing to push me as a dude who plays guitar sometimes. I ♥ that man. Check out HH2 – it’s awesome!

Frets of Valmar: Grandia II - October 2011 || I released an EP of Grandia II material for Japan Relief. You can read all the details here. Arm Cannon and Chunkstyle guest on the EP. You can get it for free, but all donations go to Japan relief. :)

Stemage – Zero Over Zero - August 2011 || Most “guitar albums” are lead albums. This is a rhythm guitar album – I think. It’s a wild rotation of rock genres that have inspired me over the years, and it’s a love letter to Romero and Savini in the end – inspired by Dawn of the Dead from 1978. You can get the album now.

Alpha Squad Soundtrack - Winter 2011 || Dragon Divide pulled me in to do a soundtrack for an upcoming Xbox Live Indie game. The soundtrack will be availble on Bandcamp with the release of the game. It’s a 16 track, 45 minute collection of songs. You can check out a sampler and a full track from the soundtrack on Bandcamp

Yes Mayhem - RELEASED 9/1/10 || The brainchild of Dan Taylor (long time bass player for Metroid Metal), this collab features original music with several members of Metroid Metal and MANY others, and it’s all original stuff – heavy, quirky, and catchy as hell! It features vocals by James Moats, who will wow you with his layering. I believe Dan said the record was 16 vocal parts for a track. !! The album was a blast to play on, and it’s COVERED in musicianship. You won’t believe it. I played on as well as mastered the YES MAYHEM album. Jump through some tracks and name your price for it at

Songs for the Cure ’10 and ’11 – I put out two songs over the last 2 years for‘s Songs for the Cure compilations. You can check those albums out here and here.

Radiant Escape Soundtrack – 2010/2011 || Later this year, I’ll be contributing 2 tracks to the new 3D puzzle game, Radiant Escape, developed by Binary Sonata Studios and the talented Seraphim – the man behind Metroid Online.

OLD STUFF1998 – 2010 || I decided to upload an album of OLD STUFF – a collection of songs that aren’t in any one place. You can check out the album on Bandcamp.