Stemage stuff – 2011 recap

2011 was a pretty big year. Here is the rundown of the musical goodies of 2011 in somewhat chronological order. Thank you guys for the support this past year! I have some big plans for 2012!! :)

Alpha Squad Final Boss Redux – Static Chex Mix (song)
The final boss music of Alpha Squad was very Static X inspired, so VikingGuitar decided to come in and add some vocal flare to “fix” it.. and throw in a solo. Way to spice it up kid.
Alba (song) || from ”Songs for the Cure” 2011
I was honored to offer an original song to Josh Whelchel’s yearly project, “Songs for the Cure“. All proceeds from album sales went the American Cancer Society (and still does). It covered many styles of music from artists all over the world. “Alba” was my contribution. It was an indirect tribute to my aunt – a cancer survivor – and also Porcupine Tree / Oceansize in style.
FoxDragon Birthday Progfest – (song)
Viking Guitar, Norg, Chunkstyle, Danimal Cannon, and I teamed up and make FoxDragon a prog souffle. It’s fun and crazy and fun and prog.
M2q (Metroid 2 Queen) (song) || from Metroid Metal
This mess of barbed wire was included in the 25th anniversary Metroid tribute album, Harmony of a Hunter.
MISC – a collection of old Stemage tracks (album)
There are a lot of miscellaneous songs that don’t live in one place, so I decided to make an album for them all .
Zero Over Zero (album)
After many years, I finally released my Dawn of the Dead themed album, Zero Over Zero. It’s a 20-song, instrumental concept album.
Frets of Valmar: Music of Grandia II (album)
Commissioned by Jason Roop for charity, this is a 4-song EP of arrangements from the music of Grandia II, featuring Arm Cannon and Chunkstyle on a track. This is a huge milestone for me musically. For now, I consider it the best collection of VGM arrangements I’ve done. All donations to the album go directly to Japan Relief! 
Prolapse (Castlevania Prologue cover) (song) || from Vampire Variations
Vampire Variations is a collection of remixes to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Castlevania. I did a song with Chris from Arm Cannon on keys. Check it out! It’s the first song on the album and you can stream it right from here:
Solo for VikingGuitar album  (solo) || from Made of Metal
VikingGuitar put out a SICK Cave Story (and others) cover album, and we did a solo battle in Fields of Awesome. I like fighting with that guy.
The Ice of Luisville is Muddy (song) || from ”Play it Forward Charity” Album
I teamed up with John Weible and Chunkstyle to do this 90′s-inspired holiday song for the Play it Forward charity album – to raise money for Child’s Play.
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