New Stemage EP – Frets of Valmar: Grandia II (Japan Relief)

Back in March of ’11, MAGfest started a fundraiser to collect money for Japan relief. A list of VG remix artists got together to auction themselves off and remix any video game theme of the winner’s choice.

Jason Roop is a member of the PAX Community DVD team. Jason also won my auction! He made his request for music from Grandia II (Dreamcast – Noriyuki Iwadare). Jason sent over a few songs for consideration, and I decided to use them all and make an EP.

The EP is done and in Jason’s hands. Thanks jroop!

We’ve decided to put the album up for free on Bandcamp. But, any donations made with the download of the EP will be passed on directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society as well - to keep with the spirit of things. :)

Frets of Valmar: Grandia II is out now on Bandcamp and features:

Thank you Jason for helping me expand my musical horizons. This was a very different experience for both myself and the contributors. We all stretched ourselves a bit. Also, the music from Grandia II is amazing! So, thank you Noriyuki Iwadare for such a varied and challenging soundtrack. You can download the new EP here.

OST tracks for Grandia II by Noriyuki Iwadare:
1. A Deus
3. Dangerous Zone
4. Purification of Darkness

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