Marble Madness album available!

Where Good Marbles Go to Die is a seven song collection of arrangements from Marble Madness (NES) – each with a different guest. The original OST is full of variety, so I tried to capture that kneejerk change in feel from song to song on this album. The guests are a big part of that idea. Guests include Disasterpeace, Lauren from DoE, norg, XOC, Kirby Pufocia, housethegrate, and VikingGuitar – with the prolific FoxDragon on artwork duties.

Buy a print (size of your choice) of Nate’s artwork at Red Bubble.
Click here for hi res:

The album is available now on Bandcamp digitally and on cassette – YES ON TAPE. I was inspired by subPixel, whose tape I’ve had playing in my kitchen for months. All these bands are making vinyls, why not tapes? I know more people with cassette players than record players – because I’m old.

Be sure to check “info” on each track in Bandcamp for details on the songs. Thanks for listening!!

NEXT project.

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