Steven Universe: The Movie, Bubsy, Stemage shows! odds and ends

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Steven Universe: The Movie

That fact that the movie exists in this form at all is an achievement in itself, but I was lucky enough to not only play guitar all over it, but do a full arrangement for the movie! I arranged “Independent Together” with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo on vocals and Aivi Tran on piano. Such an honor. I also penned “Let’s Duet” for the soundtrack - a minute long guitar duel that references many of the motifs from over the years. You can check out the movie on Cartoon Network and hear the full soundtrack here:

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

My OST for "Bubsy: Paws on Fire!" is now available on "The Internet". Head over to "The Internet" and give it a spin:

I also made a video explaining how the soundtrack works in game. It was a super cool experiment:

This was obviously a different kind of thing for me musically, and it was a lot of fun. "Bubsy, Paws on Fire!" is available NOW on PS4/PC/Switch and was developed by the guys behind the BIT.TRIP series, Choice Provisions.

just played my first solo stemage shows

And there will be more! I joined the stage with Travis Morgan at this year’s California Extreme, and a few weeks ago I opened up for Super MadNES down near LA. Media from the event is being compiled, so stay tuned for that. It has been a joy to play some Stemage music live for the first time! I plan on doing more. Let me know if you have suggestions on where to play.

Arrangement of the Bastion ending theme, feat Claire Henry on vocals

If you've played Bastion, Transistor, or Pyre, you know that music of Darren Korb is profound. For this album project, I tackled the arrangement of "Setting Sail, Coming Home" with my lovely wife, Claire Henry, and with bass by Dan Taylor of Yes Mayhem, Metroid Metal, and Viking Guitar Live. You can hear it here:

Here are some other things I’ve touched this year so far you can check out.

I have a new game OST that should be released in the next month, so stay tuned for that. :)

Cheers for now! <3