2017: A Step Sideways

December hit like a door the the face, delivering a frustrating realization: I did not put out as much music in 2017 as in prior years. Granted last year was a transitional period for a lot of reasons, but prior years amounted to a hefty pile of tunes - or at least what I considered to be a hefty pile.

Then I actually looked at last year. 2017 wasn't about continuing the sprint. It was about slowing down, looking around, and taking several steps away from my well-worn path. In some cases, I ended up in places I never thought I'd end up - musically, sonically, compositionally.

2017 was a year for experimentation and testing my own limits. It was figuring out what I am capable of and wrapping my head around whatever that is. It was using what I feel experienced with and sprinkling that onto something subjectively new to create something objectively new.

I got to write a small boatload of music for video games and film last year - the first of which should hit in the 1st or 2nd quarter of this year on a system that a lot of people own. I'm excited for everyone to hear it. At least once a month I get the, "That sounds so much like you," comment from someone. For the first time, I can listen to some of my music and wonder if it actually came from me or not. Sideways.

I experimented writing songs without drums. I was able to rock out a bit and win a contest or two. I got to attempt an arrangement relay a few times. I learned how to make something sound undeniably old. I did a bunch of vocal production for pop tunes. I got to continue working with the lovely Aivi and Surrashu on Steven Universe

2017 was cool, man. It mean it was kind of a crappy year for a lot of reasons, but it was also one that forced many of us to grow, albeit painfully at times. From a creative perspective, I'm satisfied with today compared to this day last year. I hope that you all were able to grow a bit in one way or another over the last year.

More info soon! I updated the discography page with some newness