All the Stemage stuff from 2010

The last month of 2010 was a bit busy and uninspired for me, but looking back on 2010, it was a BIG YEAR. Here's a list of the things I was able to crank out. I need to figure out the best way to link to all this stuff on the projects page. For now, here are the musical accomplishments of 2010 in somewhat chronological order.

The Challenger (song) || from "Songs for the Cure '10"

I was proud to offer an original song on Josh Whelchel's yearly project, "Songs for the Cure". All proceeds from album sales go the American Cancer Society. The album covers many styles of music from artists all over the world. "The Challenger" was my contribution.

Ninja Warriors (song) || from IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album

IWADON is a tribute by Game Music 4 All to game composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, who has been writing music for Natsume videogames for 20 years. I did a cover of the theme music from "Ninja Warriors" for the SNES.

Metroid Fusion - Sector 1 (song) || from Metroid Metal

A cover of Sector 1 from Metroid Fusion with accompanying art by Foxx Dragon.

Expansion Pack (album) || from Metroid Metal

Expansion Pack is an add-on to the Varia Suite album. It’s a 27 minute collection of 6 songs that the live band has been playing live since the release of Varia Suite (the first full band album).

Yes Mayhem (album) || from Dan Taylor's Yes Mayhem project

The brainchild of Dan Taylor (long time bass player for Metroid Metal), this collab features original music with several members of Metroid Metal and MANY others including James Moats, Xoc, and Ryan8bit. I contributed guitar to most of the album. It's a great listen with wildly original material by Dan and friends. Check it out.

Metroid Prime - Tallon Overworld (song) || from Metroid Metal

A cover of the Tallon Overworld Theme from Metroid Prime with accompanying art by Foxx Dragon.

Radiant Escape Themesong (song)

This is a looping themesong for the game Radiant Escape for Binary Sonata Studios. The song isn't up to listen at just yet, but I wanted to include it in the list of DONE DEALS. :)

La Caccia / Zombi Theme (song)

I'm a SUPER HUGE Goblin fan, and I've thought about covering something from Dawn of the Dead for a while. I'm back in swing with production on the album, so I decided to finish my Goblin cover as well. This isn't going to be on the album. It's just for fun. :)

Guitar solo on VikingGuitar's new album

VikingGuitar let me do a guitar solo on his Street Fighter track. I've always dreamed of playing "that" melody, so I can scratch that one off the list now. ;) The album RULES!!

Alpha Squad Soundtrack (album) || from Alpha Squad - Xbox Live

I scored this Xbox Live Indie game with a 45-minute soundtrack. The entire album will be available the weekend of MAGfest (Jan 13th) for $name-your-own-price.